Together we heal from the violence

Tailor-made group courses: Support for All

We believe that support should be available to everyone. That is why we offer tailored group courses that meet different needs and experiences with violence. Regardless of your background or situation, our goal is to provide you with a safe space where you can find support and community.

All courses center on three core principles: reflection, experience and knowledge. We use methods such as peer-to-peer, narrative psychology and response-based practice. This means that we create a space where we talk about shared experiences and at the same time ensure that it is safe and structured.



The group course extends over eight weeks, with a duration of two hours per session. walk. In a group, four to six people are invited to a course. We offer physical groups in Copenhagen, Aalborg and Odense. The group course is facilitated by professionals from CFV, with a focus on knowledge about violence. The content is a combination of theory and practical exercises.

Registration via the registration form further down the page.

After your registration, we will contact you and talk about the process and our expectations of each other. The groups are free, but if you have the opportunity to be a member of the association, you support our general preventive work. Memberships cost from DKK 100 annually.

*The course cannot and must not replace psychological or medical treatment.


Our parenting group sessions provide support and guidance to those who have experienced violence close to their lives as they balance parenthood. The groups are offered to mothers and fathers respectively.


The group courses open the way for women to use their experiences as a resource to strengthen not only themselves but also others. Our group course is open to all women who have been exposed to one or more forms of violence - regardless of age and time of the violence.

Nature therapy

Nature-based offers have proven to be particularly beneficial for victims of violence, which is why we are offering nature therapy in the summer of 2024.
The aim is to introduce the healing power of nature and provide tools for use during and after counselling. The aim is to integrate nature into the users' self-care and quality of life.

The offer is based on natural therapy such as Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), ecosocial work and response-based practices, which strengthen dignity and healing.


Workshops med inddragelse af sorgterapi

The creative workshops can contribute with art as a common third to the dialogue during and after the group course. The common third can create a safe space where the participant can decide for himself at what pace he feels ready to talk about his own grief and experiences in the sensual dialogue with the group.

Based on research by VTS, SL and VT and mental health, it has been shown to be particularly beneficial that creative workshops with art as a dialogical tool can open up the missing language for (complicated) grief and the experience of losing oneself after the violence .

Who are we?

Vi er en gruppe fagpersoner, der arbejder for at forbygge vold, og udbrede viden og talen om vold i samfundet.

What are we doing?

We make e.g. group course for adults who have been exposed to violence, course for people who work with violence.

Online group courses, relatives (For all genders)

Tuesday 6 August at 19-20.30
Tuesday 13 August at 19-20.30
Tuesday 20 August at 19-20.30
Tuesday 27 August at 19-20.30

NOTE: Dates for networks to come

Next group in Copenhagen

Prinsesse Charlottesgade 45, 2200 Nørrebro 

Gruppeforløb for voldsudsatte (gruppen er fuld):

Friday 23 August at 11-13
Friday 30 August at 11-13
Friday 6 September at 11-13
Friday 13 September at 11-13
Friday 20 September at 11-13
Friday 27 September at 11-13
Fredag d. 4. oktober kl. 11-13
Friday 11 October at 11-13

Gruppeforløb for voldsudsatte:

Friday 20 September at 14-16
Friday 27 September at 14-16
Friday 4 October at 14-16
Friday 11 October at 14-16
Friday 25 October at 14-16
Friday 1 October at 14-16
Friday 8 November at 14-16
Friday 15 November at 14-16

Group courses for former victims of violence:

Friday 18 October at 11-13
Friday 25 October at 11-13
Friday 1 Nov at 11-13
Friday 8 Nov at 11-13
Friday 15 Nov at 11-13
Friday 22 Nov at 11-13
Friday 29 Nov at 11-13
Friday 6 December at 11-13

Next group in Aalborg

Valdemarsgade 34, kl. 9000 Aalborg

Group course starting in August

Wednesday 7 August at 11-13
Wednesday 14 August at 11-13
Wednesday 21 August at 11-13
Wednesday 28 August at 11-13
Wednesday 4 September at 11-13
Wednesday 11 September at 11-13
Wednesday 18 September at 11-13
Wednesday 25 September at 11-13


Group courses for women who have experienced violence close to their lives:

Monday 12 August at 19.30-21.30
Monday 19 August at 19.30-21.30
Monday 26 August at 19.30-21.30
Monday 2 September at 19.30-21.30
Monday 9 September at 19.30-21.30
Monday 16 September at 19.30-21.30
Monday 23 September at 19.30-21.30
Monday 30 September at 19.30-21.30

Group course for fathers who have had violence close to their lives:

Tuesday 13 August at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 20 August at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 27 August at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 3 September at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 10 September at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 17 September at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 24 September at 19.30-21.30
Tuesday 1 October at 19.30-21.30

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