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"Violence starts in language - and that's where we stop it."

Get support and knowledge at the Center for Violence Prevention! We offer training and group courses for victims of violence and relatives.

Film directed by Minna Katz.

Produced by Laura Bøcher Ursø and Frau film

Talk about Violence

Peer-to-Peer support and network groups for victims of violence and relatives.

Understanding Violence

An educational effort for professionals, children and young people.

Femicide Watch

A one-stop knowledge center for decision-makers and the public.

Courses, presentations and lectures that we have already held in 2024.

Sometimes we have been in the media, or published articles about violence prevention in 2024

People have gone through Talk about Violence - group course in 2024

Femicide Watch

Femicide Watch has mapped murders of women and girls in Denmark in the period 2000-2021.

Understanding Violence

Jealousy and violence – A qualitative study of connections between jealousy and violence in relationships
By the Center for Violence Prevention

Tal om vold

The purpose of this report is to investigate the effects of receiving support in a group format based on peer methods for victims of violence 

The violence must be stopped before it starts

In the Center for Violence Prevention, we work through primary violence prevention, which means that prevention of violence must start early in children's lives, through knowledge.

Violence is synonymous with power

Violence is a consequence of unequal conditions in society. Therefore, it is first and foremost the task of society's institutions and politicians to prevent violence.